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What I’ve learned and continue to learn around the world as a voice artist…

AI in Voice Over

As AI threatens the voice over industry, voice artist Susannah Kenton considers whether voice over talents should fear for the future.

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Life as a Voice Talent

New Zealand based international voice artists share insider tips and secrets on the voice over industry. GFTB Oceania-sourced interview.

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Starting Out in Voice Over…

In the 1990s I lived in Paris and did some of my first voice over jobs. One week I ended up dubbing Cindy Crawford in two ads – including this one for Pizza Hut!

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LOVE on a billboard – how far will it go…?

My friend Lesley and I decided to put LOVE on a billboard. With the support of 22 donors, 5 billboard companies and a handful of inspired creatives, on March 15th 2020, 22 billboards throughout New Zealand lit up with LOVE…

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Death by Shapewear

I’m not a fan of marketing products that shame women’s bodies. And hard sell/hype-y voiceovers aren’t my strong suit. Which is why I probably wasn’t a good match for the shapewear infomercial I was asked to voice a while back.

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Red Flags and Sean Connery

You know how some voice jobs just flow from start to finish? You connect with the director, you’re on the same wavelength, the reads get better and better – love soup? This wasn’t one of them.

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Meet Susannah

Hi! I’m Susannah. It’s nice to virtually meet you!