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What I’ve learned and continue to learn around the world as a voice artist…

Getting In the Vocal Zone…

I recently accepted the challenge to step into the role of Goneril in a production of King Lear. The actress playing the part was rushed to hospital with a gall bladder emergency and there were two weeks of shows left.

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Recording “on the road” in NYC

As the apartment door opened, a cloud of marijuana smoke greeted me. I didn’t think that boded too well for our recording session, but I told myself not to be judgmental.

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Lawn Mowing and Multi-Tasking

My first big voice job in Paris was for a national TV commercial about lawnmowers. I showed up to a very ritzy recording studio, with a panel of people ready to scrutinize my work.

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Lost in Translation…

So, I’m working on a project at the moment for an Italian client and the direction he has given me is “institutional/emotional” – I would really love to know what that means, any ideas?

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Meet Susannah

Hi! I’m Susannah. It’s nice to virtually meet you!