Death by Shapewear

I’m not a fan of marketing products that shame women’s bodies. And hard sell/hype-y voiceovers aren’t my strong suit. Which is why I probably wasn’t a good match for the shapewear infomercial I was asked to voice a while back.

I agreed to a buyout with two rounds of changes.
​Here you can hear how I was struggling at round 4…

After round 6, I humbly admitted defeat and surrendered my work at no charge.

What did I learn from the experience?

1. Phrases like “It will lift and shape your bum…” tend not to roll easily off my tongue.

2. No matter how many times I re-do the phrase “for a perkier, youthful look ” it’s not going to sound that aspirational.

3. While I can put my heart and soul behind most products – heavy lifting gear, chemical assay testing equipment, GoPros for dogs, I’m just not a shapewear infomercial kinda girl.

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