Corporate Narration/Company Promos

Corporate videos and presentations, website welcome messages, brand videos etc.

​There are many areas of corporate narration voice over, including brand videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, e-learning and instructional voice overs, voice over for corporate events, presentations, training modules, and more.

Finding the right voice for your company can feel as overwhelming and stressful as online dating. The stakes are high. It needs to be right. There can be several decision makers who all need to approve the choice.

But on the flip side, when you’ve found the right voice fit, like finding “the one” when you’re dating, you know it. It’s a voice that aligns perfectly with your brand and you just feel it.

One of the things I love about voice over is being able to infuse intention, emotion, persuasion and presence into a read. So many times I hear clients say, “There’s just something about your voice, I can’t explain it.” For me, that is the art of voice over. Sure, a voice that people like to listen to is a good start.

But it’s the heart that beats behind that voice and the mind that converts words on a page into living, breathing audio that makes the difference.

I love helping my clients find the read that is a perfect match for their project. It needs to engage the listener, to have the right balance of authority and humanity, to inspire confidence and trust and to sound authentic. A little warmth, humour or irony here and there often can’t hurt.

Whether your project is corporate narration, an explainer video, an e-learning project, a medical narration, a business presentation or a voice over for a corporate event, remember that even the most technical projects are created by human beings for human beings, so infusing a read with a tone that connects and lands is everything.

Trust your gut on finding the right voice for your brand.

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