Voice Over Video Demos

Here are video demos of a range of projects I've voiced from voice over ads to corporate brand videos to documentary and charity work.

CCG Brand Video

Produced by: Cohn Creative Group
TAGS: fast-paced, engaging

GE Digital Hydro Plant

Produced by: Mountain View Group
TAGS: corporate, conversational, compelling


Produced by: Cohn Creative Group
TAGS: fast-paced, engaging

Hendricks Gin

Produced by: All Ages Productions
TAGS: British proper, understated

Scenic Air Safaris

Produced by: Simon Penfold
TAGS: Smooth, Poetic

BMW i3

Produced by: Rowan Moore TMG
TAGS: Sultry, Classy


Produced by: Friendly Voice
TAGS: relaxed, smooth, low-key

The Truth Rises

Produced by: Sound Money Campaign
TAGS: controversial, engaging

Covid 19
Doctors’ Fines

Produced by: Beeldwerk TV
TAGS: scientific, controversial

Digital Boost™ Technology
Cooper Vision

Produced by: Lumen 3D
TAGS: explainer, mellow

The Women's Centre

Produced by: Whare Films
TAGS: warm, sincere, caring


Produced by: Sara Evans Green Buzz Agency TAGS: conversational, corporate


Produced by: CSI group
TAGS: Smooth, sensual


Produced by: Spinifex Group
TAGS: authoritative, knowledgeable

CLS, for Earth from Space

Produced by: Quis Productions
TAGS: sincere, earth mother

KGB Deal Makers

Produced by: The Brooklyn Brothers
TAGS: cool, edgy

Propaganda Documentary TCFF Founders Grand Prize Best Film 2013

Produced by: Slavko Martinov
TAGS: controversial, ironic


Produced by: Lapse Workshop
TAGS: upbeat

RK Injector

TAGS: technical read, clear, informed

Heavenly Organics

Produced by: Michael Leibowtiz at Leijas
TAGS: friendly, soothing


Produced by: PM Advertising
TAGS: US accent, warm, empathetic


Produced by: Nice Noise
TAGS: US accent, industrial narration

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Step Two

Once you approve my quote and send me your final script I record your project

You can leave me to record alone, as many clients do, or direct the session live via Source Connect, ISDN Bridge, Zoom or Skype.

Step Three


Your quote includes a free pickup session for any small changes you might need. Payment is due via PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer on completion of project.