The Mid-Atlantic Accent in Voice Over

Radio, TV, Cinema and Internet

Projects that call for an accent between American and British English. A Mid-Atlantic or Transatlantic Accent works great for international companies and brands

The Mid-Atlantic accent in voice over also goes by several other names: transatlantic accent, neutral English accent, global accent, European English accent or non-regional English accent.

Unlike the affected mid-Atlantic accent of Hollywood films from the 1940s, which often took hours of elocution lessons to perfect, the mid Atlantic accent of voice over has a clear, smooth, sophisticated flair without sounding phoney.

What EXACTLY is a Mid-Atlantic, Transatlantic, Neutral English, European English, Slightly British accent? Let these videos help demonstrate and explain...

The appeal of the mid-Atlantic accent lies in its versatility – it can be pushed towards a more British or a more American sound. It also naturally convey a sense of authority, refinement, and professionalism.

Because it is neither too American nor too British it can be a perfect choice for global audiences, helping international businesses to reach diverse markets and convert customers.

The Mid-Atlantic accent is also known for its clear pronunciation and enunciation. This makes it easily accessible and understandable to audiences for whom english is not the native language.

The Transatlantic or Mid Atlantic accent also lends projects an air of elegance and sophistication without sounding stuffy. It suggests cultural refinement and education but simultaneously is relatable, warm and trustworthy, which can be a plus for both corporate and commercial content.

Check out this example of the same copy read in a British, a mid-Atlantic and a US accent:

In summary, the mid Atlantic accent has a unique and aspirational sound that can elevate your project and give it universal appeal. Reach out for a custom mid-Atlantic accent demo for your script today.

​Other Mid-Atlantic Accent Demos

ShapeShifter Prophet Video


Mid-Atlantic Demo Sampler

Including: Whale conservation, Mastercard ad, Ampyra medical spot, Jaguar GPS system, Findly

TAGS: caring, environmentally concerned, dynamic, informative, smooth, enthusiastic/friendly

Janssen Corporate Narration - Internal

TAGS: neutral accent, conversational

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