LOVE on a billboard – how far will it go…?

My friend Lesley and I decided to put LOVE on a billboard. With the support of 22 donors, 5 billboard companies and a handful of inspired creatives, on March 15th 2020, 22 billboards throughout New Zealand lit up with LOVE...

We’re putting LOVE on billboards in my city, Christchurch as we approach the anniversary of a mass shooting that took place here last year:​

If we overfund the project (and we intend to!) we want to put a billboard up in Australia too.

I reached out to a wonderful client of mine based in NSW, David Benhamou, to get his advice on where a billboard might live in Oz. He suggested lighting up the Sydney Opera House with it… why not?

Dave also generously donated to our Give-A-Little page.

I am so blessed to work with directors like him who not only create beautiful work but also work from the heart.

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